***Installation of this drag pack and the modifications necessary to run the setup is recommended to be done by a qualified technician.***

Depending on the wheel type purchased, there are a couple options for the hardware sent with each drag pack.  Some of the front wheels are shipped with a small spacer due to clearance issues on some front brakes, if sent, these do need to be used.

To fit the 18" wheels on the front and the 17" wheels on the rear of your Huracan or R8, the lower ball joints need to be modified for all four wheels. This is an extremely easy modification to perform and necessary to prevent the ball joint from contacting the wheel.  

With the nut left in place on the ball joint, sand the threaded portion down to flush with the nut as you can see below. For the front ball joint you will likely need to take about 1-1.5mm off the nut itself to clear as well due to the design of the wider inner barrel, this isn't required on the rear.  Once complete, paint the now exposed portion of the ball joint to prevent rusting:

If you ordered our 18/17" combo with tires, you will be using the 275/40/18 NT05R on the front. This tire is perfectly matched heightwise to the rear Mickey Thompson ET Street R tire, but is larger than stock. Due to it's increased diameter there are a couple points in the inner fender you will need to trim in order to avoid rubbing on hard turns. Keep in mind that this drag pack is aimed at those wishing to drag race, and is not designed to be used or raced in the same way the stock wheels and tires are. It should be noted that even the OEM front tires contact the fender liners, we have seen multiple stock cars on stock suspension and tires that have rubbed through the liners.  The liners being rubbed are not the concern, it is the actual body.  

The first step will be removing your front fender liners, both front and rear portions, so we can access the areas to modify.  In the rear of the fender well you will notice a few nubs and high spots, simply grind/sand these down flush with the rest of the area around them:

Moving to the front of the fender well, there is a small area that will need to be ground on a bit as well. You can see the affected area below, and can confirm it on your car by putting the front wheels on, and turning until you see the exact area:

Once you have verified the necessary clearances, paint the spots and reinstall your finder liners.  

There are two different stud/bolt setups that are sent depending on the wheels you have purchased. The first option is the titanium lug bolt setup which comes with 10 49mm bolts and 10 60mm bolts. The longer 60mm bolts will be used on the front wheels, and the shorter 49mm bolts will be used on the rear wheels.  It is recommended to apply anti-seize to the threads of the bolts before installing to prevent galling.  Once installed torque the lug bolts to 90ft/lbs.

If you received the lug stud conversion setup, you will have received 20 lug studs, 20 M14 titanium lug nuts, and a small packet of locking compound. Before beginning installation of the studs, thoroughly clean the studs, and then apply a small amount of locking compound to the short side going into the hub. Torque stud to 25ft/lbs. Ideally the compound is allowed to cure for 3-4 hours before putting the wheels on and torqueing. Once you are ready to put the wheels on apply a small amount of anti-seize to the studs to prevent galling of the titanium lugs, and torque the lugs to 90ft/lbs.

Before driving the car please carefully look over the wheels and suspension components and verify proper clearances on any necessary components. It is recommended to retorque the bead lock and center bolts periodically.  The torque specs for  both is 10 ft/lbs.  If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us, 214-607-9022 or sales@t1racedevelopment.com.