The T1 01.01.011 line kit is designed to be installed on the Boost Logic Audi R8/Lamborghini Huracan Billet and Carbon Fiber Intake Manifold with 20 port injectors, to be used in conjunction with the T1 01.01.03 In Tank Fuel System. Installation will be the same for both the second generation Audi R8 or Lamborghini Huracan. As is the case with any fuel system related work, all work should be performed by a qualified mechanic on a cool engine.

Filter securing tie with holes drilled:

Filter inlet check valve assembly:

The fuel filter outlet line to B1 Upper Rail can be seen below:

The B1 Upper Rail to B2 Upper Rail can be seen below. Note the T-fitting with the 180° fitting on the left side, which is feeding the B1Lower Rail:

Close up of how the line with 180° fitting runs to the B1 Lower Rail:

The main crossover line between B1 Lower and B2 Lower can be seen below, note the fitting orientation with the 90° fitting on the B2 Lower, this is critical:

The B2 Lower and B2 Upper both run to the Fore fuel pressure regulator. You can see both lines in the image below. The B2 Upper Rail is designed to terminate on the right side of the regulator and the B2 Lower is designed to terminate on the left side, through the ethanol content sensor:

Close up of the 90° fitting on the B2 Lower Rail which runs to the regulator:

Close up of the regulator with all lines attached. As mentioned previously, the B2 Lower Rail line terminates at the ECA sensor, which is mounted on the left port of the regulator. The B2 Upper Rail line terminates on the right side of the regulator. The line off the bottom of the regulator runs to the OEM feed fitting which we will show next:

From the bottom of the regulator, the return line will terminate at the OEM hard feed line with the specialized provided fitting: