The T1 02.01.03 Complete Fuel System is designed to be installed on the R35 Nissan GT-R, in conjunction with either the AMS 12-injector or Boost Logic 12-injector intake manifold. As is the case with any fuel system related work, all work should be performed by a qualified mechanic on a cool engine. With this kit fully replacing any OEM fuel lines on the car, fully removing the OEM lines from the chassis will be done before installing any of the new components. Removing the battery, battery tray, and passenger front wheel rear fender liner will make installation and routing of this system much easier.  

This engine bay image below gives a good representation of how the fuel system will look once fully installed. Note, the secondary rail is acting as the first fuel rail in the system now and the line feeding it passes through a grommet on the upper center portion of the firewall. The fuel pressure regulator returns through an existing hole in the firewall below it, with the firesleeve wrapped side of the return line on the side closest to the regulator, and uses the provided grommet to protect the line from chaffing:

Below you can see how the secondary to primary lines crossover in the center valley:

A detailed image of the fuel pressure regulator installed with all the lines routed and included mounting hardware/bracket:

Detailed image of how the mounting bracket and hardware secure the fuel pressure regulator to the firewall. Please note, you will reuse both factory rubber grommets from the firewall mounted OEM fuel line bracket:

On the backside of the bank 1 primary rail, the ECA sensor will directly mount using the T1 EFI to ORB fitting:

A closer look at the main feed line coming through the OEM grommet on the center of the firewall and mating with the secondary rail:

Opposite side of the same main feed line, showing routing into the battery compartment:

The return line off the fuel pressure regulator coming through the firewall, as seen from the backside in the battery compartment:

Additional images in the battery compartment showing both the main feed and return lines being routed through the area:

The F1250 Fuel Filter will mount off the OEM brake line manifold in the passenger fenderwell. The image below is a pre-production kit which you see uses an adel clamp to hold the filter body. The production kit uses the actual F1250 bracket which has been included, and a smaller adel clamp securing the return line alongside:

Routing both the main feed and return lines along the bottom of the chassis using the included GT1R Fuel Line Clamps:

The main feed and return lines routed up over the transmission brace, over the fuel tank, and attached to the hanger hat:

For installation instructions pertaining to the BPC100 and in tank fuel system components, please see the link below:


5/16/2024 Amendment: The hanger assembly comes partially assembled, and there are two plugs that go in the bottom of the filter housing which have caused some confusion. The smaller plug will need the supplied o-ring installed and put in whichever side hole you are NOT installing the fuel pump on. The larger diameter plug serves as a filter support and will drop into the center hole. The o-ring plug is installed here and the larger diameter plug is shown before installation: