The GT1R CFS (Complete Fuel Solution) with PTS (Pressure/Temperature Sensor) kit is an all inclusive fueling solution capable of supporting over 1,400whp on ethanol fuel (limited by 6 injectors).  

Starting at the tank, we use a Fore Innovations triple fuel pump hanger, with (3) Walbro 274 ethanol compatible high-pressure fuel pumps.  These pumps are powered by the Fore Innovations FC3 staged controller.   This module stages the pumps and handles the relays and fuses for each, in a neat clean package.  The end user will be responsible for wiring in the controller.  

Out of the Fore pump module we include the necessary adaptors, fittings, and hoses to adapt to the stock feed and return lines (they're plenty big).   We also incorporate a Fore Innovations check valve in this area.  Due to the way the Fore pump module drives the venturi system in the tank, there's a small leak after the pumps.  This is normal and works great, except causes delayed starting while fuel pressure builds, the check valve we add solves this.

Moving to the engine bay, we work from the factory feed line, using Redhorse Performance products throughout, all hose being ethanol compatible and all hose ends being Redhorse 7000 series swivel and crimp style.  The quick disconnect adaptors we use for the hard line adaptors are the thread on type, not the clip on type, so they can not pop off, like the clip on style is subject to.   A 6AN hose runs to the front of the engine, where the ID F750 fuel filter is mounted.  The filter location allows easy visibility of the DeltaP indicator on the front, which tells you when it's time to change the filter element, and also allows for quick and easy replacement of the element, with no tools required.  Immediately after the filter is the ID PTS (combination fuel pressure and temperature sensor) add on, to relay this important information to your ECU.  

From the filter outlet there's a 6AN line that runs up to the Flex Fuel sensor, mounted to the intake manifold crossover tube (works with stock, Boost Logic, or Greddy intake manifolds), again using the thread on style quick disconnect adaptors for safety and reliability.  

Out of the Flex Fuel Sensor we go to the bank 1 GT1R fuel rail inlet, and from the bank 2 fuel rail outlet, we go to the Fore Innovations F2i fuel pressure regulator, mounted on the firewall, reusing the OE rubber isolators from the factory fuel line bracket.  From the regulator return we go back to the OE return line.

All engine bay lines include a high temp heat sleeve to minimize fuel temperature induced by radiated heat in the engine bay.

There's not a cleaner and easier to install system than this for the R35.