GT1R Transmission Brace Installation Instructions


These transmission braces are built on a Nissan differential housing and test fit as a final stage before shipping, after cooling and finish prep.  That said, the upper dowel size and location can vary slightly from one casing to the next.  These are only fixture locating holes so they are not machined with the precision required elsewhere in the transmission.

Because you are inserting two dowels into parallel bores, it's crucial that the upper brace is inserted straight into the bore, as any side loading will cause the dowels to stick in the bores.  DO NOT USE A HAMMER TO GET THE UPPER BRACE DOWELS IN THE BORES! 

First insert the big dowel into the big bore with the brace rotated to the side, so the big dowel going into the bore is the only thing that needs to be in alignment. 

Next do the same for the small dowel/bore.  If either of these do not go all the way into the bore during this test, the bore will need to be modified.  The modification may require light sanding or may require drilling.  We have seen as much as .025" variance on these bores from one trans to the next.  Don't overdo it here, you don't want excessive clearance on the dowel/bore.

Next you want to put a light coat of grease or anti seize compound on the dowels to aid in future removal for differential service.

After removal of the differential housing bolts required for the side plate, insert the brace on to the differential case, maintaining alignment on the two dowels/bores for smooth insertion.  The brace should go all the way down with a little wiggling and hand pressure.  If this isn't enough to get it all the way down, remove the brace and lightly sand the inner diameter of the bore that's not in good enough alignment.  You should be able to figure out where needs modification due to marks on the dowels or bores from the binding on insertion.

Installation on the bottom brace is pretty self explanatory, but be sure to put all bolts in loosely before tightening any of them. 

Please call with ANY questions.

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