T1 Race Development Pro 10 Harness instructions

1. Mount ignition box and coil on passenger side, away from main wire harness. Usually between the shock tower and headlight is the best location. The ECU can be very sensitive to RF noise, keeping the coil and CDI box away from other electronics will help considerably.

2. Big red and black wires go directly to the battery, it’s very important that these are good clean connections.

3. Small white/violet and red wires go inside the car to the ECU. The white/violet wire goes to pin A21 – ICM on an obd1 harness. The white/violet wire goes directly into the ecu, and cut the old wire that used to go in, it is no longer used. The small red wire needs to be tee’d into pin A25 – IGP2 on an obd1 harness. This is the switched 12v signal that turns the ignition box on.

4. The small blue wire is the tach signal ouput from the ignition box. This will tap into the dark blue wire on your distributor and provide the signal for the factory tach to work.

5. The short harness with the white/blue and white wires goes to the coil. White/blue is ground and white is positive.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call.


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