The GT1R Flex Fuel Kit locates the ethanol content sensor in the center rear of the intake manifold, the mounting bracket bolts to the intake manifold balance tube.   The kit is for use with the stock fuel pressure regulator and dampers, if you have modified this then these kits will not work without some different fittings/hose. 

With the plastic intake cover removed, you can perform the install. 

The first thing you want to do is relieve the system of pressure.  There are a number of ways to do this, but typically it's easiest to just disconnect a line at the firewall.  There are two fuel lines coming up on the pass side of the firewall, one is bigger than the other.  ON A COOL ENGINE, put a rag over the smaller line and disconnect the fitting, allowing the rag to catch the fuel that leaks out.  These fittings disconnect by squeezing the release tabs on both sides at the bottom and pulling up on the line.

The other end of this line runs to a damper mounted near the end of the drivers side fuel rail.  You need to remove this hose from the damper.  The barb of the damper is pointing up and is easy to get to.  The easiest way to do this is cut the factory hose with a razor blade down the length of the barb.  You do not need to remove the damper to do this.  Once the factory line is cut, you can work it off the barb of the damper. 

You will bolt the ethanol content sensor to the mounting bracket using the supplied M6 nuts and bolts.  The bracket with sensor will then bolt to the intake manifold balance tube with the supplied M6 bolt and spacer. 

The male quick disconnect barbs on the ethanol content sensor are 3/8", install the supplied 3/8 to 6AN adaptors on the ethanol content sensor. 

The male quick disconnect barb on the factory line at the firewall is 5/16, install the supplied 5/16 to 6AN adaptor on the factory hard line. 

Now you should have two hoses left, a longer one with heat protection sleeve on it and a shorter one.   The shorter one connects to the drivers side adaptor on the ethanol content sensor and clamps to the exposed barb on the factory fuel damper, where the original line went. 

The longer hose goes from the passenger side of the ethanol content sensor to the firewall.  

AN fittings like what's supplied in this kit do not require any sealant on the threads, they seal on the 37º taper at the end of the fitting.  At most a little lube on the threads is all that's required, but even that is not necessary with clean fresh threads. 

Detailed pictures below. 

For use with a COBB Accessport, COBB has provided a very detailed overview concerning the wiring diagram and tuning. Please refer to the following post:

COBB Flex Fuel Overview

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