GT1R Air/Oil Separator (AOS) Installation Instructions.

 - Supplemental images and instructions added 11/8/2023 for dipstick tube revision. -

All kits made after November 2023 use a different dipstick tube than kits sent previously. This is to account for a growing number of people using a larger diameter ATI Performance pulley which interferes with the OEM dipstick tube. Unfortunately, the modified tube creates an issue with the OEM dipstick no longer moving freely in the tube. On your OEM dipstick, introducing a 90° twist in the middle between the low and high holes allows the stick to freely move through the new tubes. We find it easiest to clamp the stick in a vice in between these two points, and use an adjustable wrench to twist the stick 90°.

When clamping the stick in the vice you will want to avoid compressing either of the two humps above/below the high/low holes. Once completed your stick will look as follows and can be installed: