See video for a step by step how to.  


Injectors are not polarity specific, so power or ground can be run to either pin.

How To Assemble The Connectors For Your Injector Dynamics Injectors.

1. Strip about 5mm of insulation from the wires.

2. Insert the wire into the seal, leaving the end of the seal where the bare wire begins.

3. Insert the terminal into your crimper. We recommend part number 533 from Waytek Wire for the economy version or part number 440 if you’re going to do more of this type of work in the future. Part number 440 is a ratcheting style crimper and does both the seal and wire crimp in one operation. If using the #440, the terminal goes in the slot labeled ’18-20’. If using the #533, the terminal goes into the slot labeled ‘2’.

533 Crimper

440 Crimper

4. With the terminal in the crimper, insert the wire/seal into the terminal. The end of the bare wire should end up even with the part on the terminal that will crimp it. When aligned, crimp